We are a leading global distributor of mobile devices, electronics and accessories, we have served many retailers, wholesalers, insurance companies and enterprise customers with unique solutions across both emerging and developed markets. Our professional customer support and sales teams are dedicated to find the very best solution for your needs, we can even handle all the logistics for you!
Our global presence combined with our ability to forecast sales accurately and guaranteeing the availability of large volumes of retail ready stock ensures our customers and partners gain unparalleled access to the circular economy. This increases our customers profitability while benefiting the environment and contributing to a more sustainable planet.
Star Deals are powering the circular economy by providing high-quality, affordable, retail ready devices which offer economic and ecological benefits. If you are looking for better margins and a way of giving yourself an edge in today's competitive marketplace, then this is your answer! All our products are fully tested, unlocked, data wiped, sanitized and ready to go. What the consumer gets is a great deal, and what you get is a profitable worry-free sale.